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Solo Man...

2008-09-11 11:59:34 by stonefruitstudios

Level 2 of Solo Man... although it won't be called Solo Man anymore.

Go to post 5 to see a closer up version of the new character.

What do you think?

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Good bye Solo Man

2008-09-10 00:35:02 by stonefruitstudios

Say goodbye Solo Man. Hello new hero of my game!

It's a better character. I think it's going to be a robot rabbit, or something like that -- maybe a dinosaur?
Here's a picture of level 1.

Good bye Solo Man

WOW! this sucks...

2008-09-04 00:06:06 by stonefruitstudios

I just need to make a statement really quick!!

I never knew the game Rocket Car existed until just now when I saw Rocket Car 2 in the Portal. It's a great game, but there's something I want to clear up. My platformer, Solo Man (it's name as of now), is coming out late 2008 and shares similar features and gameplay such as the rocket (mine's a jetpack), the fuel, and the reverse gravity.

I've been working on Solo Man for quite some time now and just wanted to clear up that when it does finally come out - I did not copy! Although my game is totally different, it shares some main concepts with Rocket Car which was not intended. I was totally shocked when I just first played Rocket Car at the similarities.

Any-hoo.... great job with Rocket Car guys! Look forward to Solo Man coming in a few months! Check out previous posts to look at some pictures of it.

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Hello everyone!

Coming late 2008: the incredible and inevitable first journey of Solo Man. Follow him in this unique action/adventure/puzzle platformer.

Look forward to it...I think you're all really going to enjoy this game! It is much better than my 'Trapped' series.


Solo Man: the journey begins

Here's a small sample of my next "un-named" project. It may not look that great, but the objective of the theme is a unique, fun, and surprising puzzle/adventure platformer with a story line, bonus levels, secrets, and a little twist. The music, sounds, gameplay, and storyline combine for a nice package. If you liked my series "Trapped," I really think you will enjoy this gem. Hopefully it will be done within a couple months.

new puzzle/adventure platformer

Like my Trapped series, I hope to come out with an adventure platformer sooner or later...most likely later. Any suggestions or ideas?