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My dream is getting closer and closer...

2008-09-23 16:38:21 by stonefruitstudios

I'll graduate in May 2009 from college after a long 6 years with a degree in Math and another in Computer Science. After I graduate I'm pursuing developing flash games full-time. Yea, I'll be broke for some time with bills and undergrad debt, but hey, I want to be happy and do what I love. I'm going to be devoting all my time into learning CS3/CS4, animation, and other programming stuff. Hopefully I can create some quality stuff someday. "Solo Man," and other projects I have in development look to be promising for a start... we'll see!! For now you might as well check out an old submission Trapped 5. Any words of wisdom or encouragement are welcome. :)


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2008-09-23 16:39:06

Congratulations ^^

Don't forget to get married too ^^

stonefruitstudios responds:

Gettin close to that already.


2008-09-23 16:59:10

congrats man


2008-09-23 19:58:36

CS4? wow i barely found out about CS3

stonefruitstudios responds:

Is there a CS4? I don't even know... I just thought I read that somewhere.